Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Satellite Radio Is Going To Be the End of Me

So, I return from breakfast this morning to do my routine message board browsing...and lo and behold the first post that catches my eye at The Score Boards Canes MB...

'Ron Francis on NHL Live this morning'

...and from it, I find out that I was twenty minutes too late to hear my historic/overall favorite player speak. And to add insult to injury, I also found out that my computer probably wouldn't have been able to handle the Sirius link at anyway. *sighs*

Even though it was Sirius and not XM, I am this close to throttling whoever decided that the NHL/Hockey channel should not be in the DirecTV XM lineup.

You knew this was coming: If, somehow and someway, you recorded this morning's interview on Sirius AND/OR the November 7th interview on XM, PLEASE respond here or via e-mail...

caroline@ (I DON'T LIKE SPAM!!!)

Of course, remove the Monty Python quote.

Thanks a ton in advance.

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Edit as of 4:04 PM: While we're somewhat on the subject, I don't know how, but I found a clip of Ronnie getting himself into a fight during his first Pittsburgh days... *does her best Ben Stein* Wow.

Given that it was a New Jersey Devil, I am somehow not surprised.

Current Music as of the edit: "High" by Jimmie's Chicken Shack

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