Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: October 30th-November 5th, 2006

Yes!! It's back!! Whoo-hoo!!

And even though they don't mention it, there is a huge debate over whether the name should be the 'Bro' or the 'Manziere'.

Darn you Prince (or whatever the heck you're now called) AND your use of 'U' instead of 'You'!!!

I bet, apart from Ananova, that nobody, NOBODY dares to call her 'Granny'.

I guess ol' Guy was just too much of a party pooper...

It's not just America that is getting too danged lazy for its own good...

Oh yes! Nothing screams 'Fun!' and 'Romance!' like Tora Bora!!

Since when are Internet polls supposed to be considered actual news?

This sounds like something out of a really bad comedy movie or commercial...

Watch this one make its way into notoriety like a certain Star Wars trading card... (PG-13/Work Safe warning for both links)

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