Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Wonderful, WONDERFUL birthday...obviously, my makeup for my being a feminine version of Peter Criss turned out GREAT. Dinner at Macado's was good. The only setback being their being out of Halloween '06 glasses, which really wasn't a huge deal since this year's design (a glasses wearing pumpkin) was rather cheesy looking. It's going to be hard to top last year's design, a "Nightmare Before Christmas" version of the Macado's mascot with a "slogan" saying "Life's no fun without a good scare!".

The spoils of my day...

- A ceramic wolf bookshelf decoration.

- A Hallmark Keepsake Ornament replica of the Transporter Chamber from Star Trek (The Original Series), complete with Captain Kirk, Spock, and McCoy; AND lights and sound that activate when you press a button!! It now sits behind Don Cherry and Blue on my desk... :D

- The KISS - Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child computer game...which finally arrived in the mail.

- A Beanie Baby Emperor Penguin named "Admiral". (Which my weiner dog thought was an American Kennel Club chew toy...THAT was fun to deal with during the grand return of House MD.)

- A Joan Rivers Classic Collection chain pendant with a changable charm/ornament, and ten different stones to change. Love how amulet-like it looks.

...with more to come!

- A couple of more gifts I got myself.

- And something my brother got for me off of my Amazon Wish List. From what little he's told me, it sounds like it will be something...

Current Music: "Jazzy NYC (Latin Mix)" - Street Fighter 3 Arranged Album

Edit as of 12:40 PM: Meant to mention this last night, but was so tired and wanted to get to bed the mall, near Borders, I saw a dude dressed up like a Nashville Predators hockey player!! Complete with a yellow helmet like the Preds wear!! I know the guy thought I was on drugs the way I stared in awe at him, in addition to my makeup probably freaking him out. But I couldn't help, SO AWESOME to know I'm not the only "weird" hockey fan in these parts. :D

Current Music as of the edit: "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz

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