Monday, October 30, 2006

Football Has Not Been Very Good To Me

At least during the last two weeks, anyway...

Week 7

Picks I got wrong: Jacksonville over Houston (which also costed me my Survivor contest bid in the
LiveJournal NFL Picks community...which became obsolete thanks to the contest starting over fresh), Carolina over Cincinnati, Pittsburgh over Atlanta, Philadelphia over Tampa Bay, Miami over Green Bay, San Diego over Kansas City, Seattle over Minnesota, Arizona over Oakland, Dallas over New York (Giants)

Picks I got right: New England over Buffalo, New York (Jets) over Detroit, Indianapolis over Washington, and Denver over Cleveland.

Week 8

Wrong: New Orleans over Baltimore, Seattle over Kansas City, Cincinnati over Atlanta, Houston over Tennessee, Philadelphia over Jacksonville, Pittsburgh over Oakland, New York (Jets) over Cleveland, Carolina over Dallas

Right: Chicago over San Francisco, Green Bay over Arizona, New York (Giants) over Tampa Bay, San Diego over St. Louis, Indianapolis over Denver

Still to be determined: New England over Minnesota

EASILY my worst NFL Pick'Em performance since I started doing such contests in 2001.

And y'know something? It wouldn't be so bad if my Panthers and/or Steelers would win their games, ESPECIALLY against teams like Cincinnati and Oakland. Grrrrrrrr...

Current Music: "Blood and Roses" by The Smithereens