Monday, October 23, 2006


Blogger *finally* seems to have somewhat gotten back on its feet. I don't know about any of my other Blogger/Blogspot cohorts, but things with the console on my end were slow and sloppy all freakin' day.

Anyway, I know the few of you who visited yesterday were/are wondering where my post regarding the Saturday Canes game at Long Island was/is. Well, here it is...

October 21st, 2006 - Canes @ Islanders: Random Musing

I think I'll have my post reflect the amount of good playin' time the Canes had...and keep it short and sweet:

The moral of this story is that you cannot let a team, especially a currently pathetic one like the Gorton's(TM) Fishermen, skate all over you for 50-55 hockey minutes, AND have the damn gall to expect a win on a silver platter. Sorry, but I'm afraid it just does not work that way, boys...

For the record, yes, I am aware that the Canes have a few guys out with injuries. But, that does not excuse playing poorly against a poor Islander team.

AND, those of you saying that the Canes worked hard...yes, they FIVE FREAKIN' MINUTES. If they had done that for, oh, the remaining fifty-plus minutes, they would have two points, not one (miraculously). And that is the difference between that comeback and the comebacks last season...the Canes were not asleep for nine tenths of the majority of their games last season like they were Saturday evening.

Current Music: "See You In Your Dreams" by KISS (Don't be surprised to see a bit of KISS/Peter Criss, in addition to Halloween-themed tunes be cited for my "Current Music" over the next week, with my playlist set on Halloween psyche-up mode.)