Friday, October 13, 2006


Mike Commodore is getting funky and has taken over the blogging reins for the Canes players at Canes Blog Central...

In the above linked Score Boards thread, I cannot help but agree with a poster or two that Tripp Tracy should start a blog. Me thinks that if the "Road Trippin'" column he did from 2001-04 was any indication, Tripp would be a bit better at updating his blog than his TV broadcasting partner.

In more serious Canes news, Peter Laviolette has revealed in a very recent interview that he is not exactly thrilled with David Tanabe's performance...

"Sounded like Lavi is not happy with Tanabe. (He said) "He was brought in to be a top 6 defenseman and needs to start playing like one."

Not that you really read this thing Pete, but if you do for some reason: I *still* wonder what kind of snow job Nobber did to really enthuse you and Jim Rutherford to the point that he was signed. I still say THAT, not letting Martin Gerber go, nor letting Aaron Ward and Matt Cullen walk, was the worst move of the off-season.

Face it, even if it may be too late (at least in terms of getting rid of Davey-Boy), Tanabe is just flat-out bad news. But hey, if he ends up having a GREAT game tonight AND gets the game-winning goal, I'll happily have my crow and eat it too.

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