Thursday, October 05, 2006

October 4th, 2006 - Canes vs. Sabres: Random Musings and Observations

- I was *very delighted* to see Versus show the entire Stanley Cup banner-raising ceremony...hard to believe that that was almost the same crew who showed barely five minutes of the Canes celebrating winning Lord Stanley over three months ago.

Speaking of Versus...their coverage was, *gasp*, Canes-centric tonight!! As Ali G would utter, respect!!

- Considering it was the very first game of the regular season AND it came with very high anticipation thanks to the said banner-raising, I thought the Canes played well.

- But, at the same time, they do have a couple of kinks to work out...most notably, the shootout line(s). I could not help but think to myself when it went into shootout time: "God, I wish Matt Cullen was still wearing the red, black, and white."

One switch-up that needs to be made: Staal. I don't know what it is about him and shootouts, but they're like windows to him...he does not do them. Well, he should not anyway.

- Regarding Tanabe, despite how much I've been ragging on him in my blog for the last couple of weeks...I did not think he played horribly. But, I didn't think he played super-awesome either. It is only one game though, so I find it best to reserve judgement.

- Overall, I am happy with the effort, outside of the shootout...where the guys looked tired. Much rather lose 3-2 AND still earn a point than lose 5-2 with no points like the Canes did in Tampa to kick off last season.

- Last, but certainly not least, that "Silly Little Fairy" Dodge ad needs to go. I cannot believe that Dodge and their ad execs did not take their three and a half months and come up with something else with which to torture us hockey nuts. Then again, it could be the Ford ads with that insipid "Beep! Beep!" song.

At least the brilliant(!) Pythonesque Guiness ads are back too.

Ok, and so those of you who may have come over from a certain post at 850 The Buzz's blog do not feel like you are experiencing deja vu, I have this to say to the Buffalites:

I promise to stop calling the Sabres the "banana slugs" if they would switch to the *much better looking* logo here for the regular logo INSTEAD of merely the third:

Why the ABSOLUTE HELL did they go with the slug-like "buffalo comet"? I sure as frick hope all teams' logos aren't going the direction of Buffalo and Anaheim's logos...especially with the new uniforms coming after this season...
Also, there will be no musings and observations for both Friday and Saturday nights' games, due to my going to be in Cary, NC for a friend's wedding Friday night AND trying to make it back for both the Italian Festival and the Oktoberfest in Bluefield and Bramwell (respectively) Saturday afternoon/evening.

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