Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Somebody Is Full of Banana Slug Excrement

Somehow, the following words coming from one of Buffalo's finest regarding tonight's opener does not surprise me the least bit...

"...I heard on the radio this morning that the Carolina Hurricanes home opener is not sold out. Why is that surprising? Half the fans won’t be able to read what the Stanley Cup Champions banner says when it gets raised so why spend the money to go see it?"

My response?

If the Canes were playing someone other than the Swords in their opener tonight, I don’t think any of the italized words would have been said.

I sincerely hope that the ceremony involves champagne…particularly for Lindy Ruff’s sake.

Cheers, Banana Sluggers.

[reverse-mojo]Unfortunately, knowing my damn luck after saying that, the Canes will probably go on to be mauled by the Sabres...being capped off by Tanabe scoring a goal in his own net.[/reverse-mojo]

For once after the past two (actual) seasons, I will not be at the home opener in person, but I'll be there in spirit.


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