Saturday, September 30, 2006

So, I Finally Watched A Complete Episode of Law and Order Earlier Tonight...

...and I still think it's the most overrated piece of crap this side of Lost. The Simpsons I can see still being around, even if it shouldn't be, just like The Andy Griffith Show and its color episodes (really, they should have hung it up after Don Knotts left). BUT Law and Order AND its (seemingly) gazillion spinoffs? I don't care if one or more of those features Sam "Old Glory Insurance" Waterson...they're overrated AND overshown. Give me L.A. Law AND Hill Street Blues any day of the week for my lawyer and cop show fixes.

Oh, and BTW, the best current shows on TV now that are not hockey, (NCAA and NFL) football, and (NCAA) basketball are House MD and Heroes. Everything else sucks.

- Yours truly is hip and least for fifteen minutes. Went to Goody's yesterday afternoon and got four of the spandex tunics that are making waves right now. These particular ones have an Indian-like design and are quite nifty. Perhaps I'll model one soon...calm down, my male readers, calm down. ;)

- Also went to Jo-Anne Fabrics to pick out a cloth/fabric for a new cross stich bag to accomodate the tools of my new-found trade. One of the nicer aspects of living where I am is that you have a bunch of artisans living near you, and don't even realize it. In my instance, one of my mom's newer local friends is a kindly older woman who makes purses and bags out of various fabrics. She made me a penguin tote bag, which I liked so much, that I immediately thought of having her make my cross stitch bag when I started to get back into the said craft. The fabric I chose, a silky auburgine one with an electric blue floral design, will look awesome. Perhaps I'll post pictures of the finished product...

- Got to eat at Tray King again earlier tonight...damn, I'm loving that place. Thanks to the weather turning a lot cooler, the hot tea and Wonton Soup *really* hit the spot. AND I found a new favorite dish in the Beef and Scallions (with bamboo I can say I know what it's like to be a Panda Bear). Tasted *just like* the (Beijing) Shredded Pork at the Hong Kong Restaurant in Wake Forest, NC. That said, if only Tray King offered Kentucky (Derby) Pie like Hong Kong did. Then again, if Tray King did offer Kentucky Pie, I wouldn't have been able to have a...

- ...Blue Hawaiian. That said, there will be no new drink recipe tonight AND possibly this weekend. If I expect to be a decent bartender, I gotta perfect my Blue Hawaiians. I seem to have a tendency to add too much rum to them, at least I did with the last few I have made. Definitely did that tonight, and I've been feeling it. Not to mention how it affects the taste...Blue Hawaiians are supposed to be (somewhat) sweet, not boozey...unless they're "Hawaii Three-O's", one of Macado's (a T.G.I. Friday's-like restaurant here in Bluefield) summer drinks. Which has not one, not two, but THREE DIFFERENT actually consuming that making it all the more amazing that I was well-minded enough to make drinks for my folks and some company we had over one evening.

- I found
this on YouTube insane as it sounds, I may have to play through Super Puzzle Fighter with Dan, just to top that dude. Then again...THAT was his SECOND PLACE SCORE?! (does her best impression of the Airplane! "Jive" men saying "Golly.") That might make me think twice about entering in a Super Puzzle Fighter tourney, should one ever take place in or near Southwestern Virginia/Southeastern West Virginia.

Speaking of the video game genre(s) I know I love too freakin' much, even though I hate the Mortal Kombat franchise with the passion of ten suns, I am so going to have to grab Mortal Kombat: Deception for
its nifty "Puzzle Kombat" bonus game.

- Also found this.

My personal theory as to who was/is behind that jewel? Lindy Ruff. Someone please, PLEASE hit him over the head with a champagne bottle on opening night... (sighs)

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