Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh, Rats!

Yes folks, at long last, I present a tiny bit of pre-season coverage(!!)...



Eleven have been demoted from Canes to River Rats, and are to appear at the Albany training camp later this week. The lucky ones are... *insert drum roll here*

Goaltender Justin Peters, forwards Keith Aucoin, Jesse Boulerice, Patrick Dwyer, Dave Gove, Brad Isbister, Scott Kelman and Shane Willis, and defensemen Tim Conboy, J.D. Forrest and Derrick Walser.

There is only one among those who surprises me, based on what little I've read/heard: Shane Willis. It sounded like he, along with Ryan Bayda (who was/is doing is pretty dang good on a line with Brindy), was tearing up camp left and right. But then again, it's the defense that is hurting for people, not offense...which is only missing one key player in Stillman.

Speaking of the defense, there is another person becoming a River Rat surprising me...Walser. Again, based on what I've read/heard, Walser seems like a better option to go with in Kaberle's place than Woolley, whose still having a chance at getting a Canes roster spot is baffling me...

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