Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ronnie Francis Gets A Haircut and A New Job

*sniff* (wipes away a tear of joy) My man is further growing up!

Ok, I don't know about a haircut, but Ronnie definitely got a new job...

"Ron Francis, others join board of new bank

TrustAtlantic Financial, a new bank being put together by veteran Raleigh banker Jim Beck, is bringing in heavyweight directors who include Carolantic Realty owner Steve Stroud as chairman and former Hurricanes captain Ron Francis."

Not only am I quite happy for my beloved #10, but am also not surprised...I figured whenever the day that his getting a "normal" job came, it would be something involving numbers/money*, marketing, real estate, restaurant ownership, and/or the wine industry.

Here's to wishing you the best with your new occupation, Mr. Francis! *gives a thumbs up*

Oh, and many, many thanks to CanesIce @
The Score Boards Canes MB and hername_isrio for alerting me to this tidbit. :)

Current Music: "Candybar Express" by Love and Money

* - When he went to Lake Superior State in his early Hartford days, Ron majored in accounting.