Friday, September 15, 2006

Training Camp Officially Starts, N&O *Still* Finds A Way To Knock the Canes

Film at eleven.

These articles, respectively about the allure of the Stanley Cup, Eric Star...I mean Staal, and Jack Johnson getting on Jim Rutherford's s*** list*; are kosher. It's the following article, about regular ticket buyers complaining about the Season Ticket Holders "hoarding" the Opening Night tix, that has (at least) a Score Boards thread up in arms...

I cannot say I am all that fond of the article meself, AND I was and still am about as much of a regular ticket buyer as you can get. To the people complaining about the *very limited* availability of the Opening Night access means (and therefore, contributing to a ding-dongy article): Did you honestly think that Opening Night was going to be a piece of pie to get into?! It was already not the easiest game for which to land tickets when the Canes had not won Lord Stanley...which makes it all the more mindboggling how people think they can get in after the Canes actually won sports' greatest trophy. As Mario, of Super Mario Bros. fame, would quite possibly say, what a bunch of goombas...

It should be noted that the only reason I was able to attend the last two home openers before the Canes won the Cup was because my freeloading luck was at an all time high during the beginnings of the 2003-04 and 2005-06 seasons. And even though the Season Ticket Holder base was not at a record high like it is this upcoming season, those Home Openers were still considered a challenge to attend for walk-ups/regular ticket buyers.

Cannot believe Luke DeCock wrote that article...he's usually better than that, contrary to what various message boarders want you to think. But seriously, I was expecting to see Ned Barnett or Caulton Tudor's name instead of Luke's. This is the sort of the article Ned or Caulton will sometimes do when forced to write something about "that hockey team".

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* - I wonder if G.I. Jimbo remembers a certain defenseman named Chris Pronger...I got a bad feeling that if the Canes let Jack Johnson go, (Over what? Attending college like a good boy should?! Someone please explain to me how that is a bad thing... o_O) it's going to bite them pretty hard in the a**.

Edit as 12:40 PM: Hmmmmmm...veeeeeeery interesting.

"I've now seen in both the Canes Connect newsletter and in either a print or online ad a reference to the Friday October 6 Devils game as ""OPENING NIGHT 2"" (presumably a marketing gimmick since "Opening Night 1" is sold out, except to those with "Opening Night Priority")

Wonder what promos we'll see that night? Maybe wait til that game to hang the conference banner?"