Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Three For Tuesday

- In that classical tradition of "First the bad news, then the good news...", it was revealed yesterday that Frankie Kaberle finally had surgery on his shoulder.



I agree with everyone else that all of a sudden, Glen Wesley and Bret Hedican not retiring is looking quite good at this moment. But unfortunately, unless a miracle occurs, there is a great possibility that David "Snuggles" Tanabe will not be demoted to the AHL like he *really* should be...despite the snow job that somehow landed him back on the Canes. (sighs)

- The NHL world has gone crazy...what's new? Especially considering that this *is* the New York Islanders organization, THE organization that let go of Peter Laviolette AND is still led by Mike Milbury (amazingly), we are talking about here. As stupid a move as it was/still is, getting rid of Laviolette I can thank the Island for...but a biga** contract for one of the largest letdowns on Team USA on the other hand...


Yes, you read the title and first post of that thread correctly...Rick DiPietro is getting ready to sign (if he hasn't already done so as of my writing this) a fifteen year contract for $67.5 million. Much obviously the largest ever in NHL history. When I first caught a glimpse of that earlier this morning, I had to make sure that Peyton Manning or Kobe Bryant or Alex Rodriguez was not the one having such a hefty price tag being placed upon them. And really, one of those three OR the majority of their kind being signed to such a contract would not surprise me because unlike the NHL, the NFL, NBA, and MLB can support such a contract!!

My gawd, and I thought the infamous Rangers Booby Holik contract in 2002 was bad. I sure as h-e-double hockeysticks hope that the Islanders are giving themselves a HUGE pat on their shoulders 'cause the fact that they far surpassed their rivals on the mainland is the only good thing that can be said about this.

- So, at long last, here's the good news, at least for me personally...thanks to Mike Sundheim, Lord Stanley has finally visited the hallowed ground after which I am named.



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