Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Am Convinced That Heaven Is...

...eating homemade pizza and sipping an Appetizer...


4 oz. Red Wine
Fill with Orange Juice.
A dash of Bitters. (Optional)

It should be noted that I did the bitters...I think I've found a great drink for not only accompanying pizza, but also to sip during an Autumn night. Not only the taste, but the, excuse me, "bouquet" in wine-tasting circles, is highly appropriate for my favorite season/time of the year too. :)

...while grooving to the Music Choice Classic Rock station, and then beholding the epic ending of Caddyshack later on. Not to mention having a Bat Bite while watching John Fogerty cover three of Creedence Clearwater Revival's best songs on Austin City Limit. AND THEN the two best ever episodes of Blackadder, from Season Two/the Elizabethan era: "Money" and "Beer"...the latter featuring House MD's Hugh Laurie as a guest-star!!

Bat Bite

Fill glass with ice.
2 oz. Rum
Fill with Cranberry (Cocktail) Juice.
Garnish with a Lime Slice. (Optional)

I have found a new favorite drink in addition to Sex On the Beach and its variations...the Bat Bite was awesome with *just the cranberry juice and rum*. But, I am still tempted to try it with the Grenadine another night...god, I love that stuff. :D

When I'm done with my training to be a barkeep, I am going to make Sandra Lee AND the Thirsty Traveller eat their hearts out.

Current Music: "Up Around the Bend" by Hanoi Rocks