Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An Open Note To the Southwestern Virginia/Southeastern West Virginia Fox Affiliate

To whomever was *very trigger happy* with the ads during the first ten minutes of House MD,

If I was Dr. House himself, I would be AND am very tempted to take a cane to your ever lovin' rear-end.

I sincerely hope that you get a butt-load of complaints, and I'm sure you will, given how House MD is currently AND easily the best thing Fox has going for it.

Caroline "Stormbringer" Smith

For those of you who want a slightly more detailed account...basically, I started to watch the new episode of House MD. And every minute, the Fox affiliate would cut in with bits and pieces, specifically the beginnings and endings, of ads for the umpteenth medicine related lawsuit and PeoplePC. Very needless to say, this royally ticked me off...to the point where Dr. House himself would swear that I have Turrett's Syndrome.

It's one thing if it was a spring/summer repeat, but this was a NEW FREAKIN' EPISODE...I understand needing money from the sponsors/advertisers, but STILL.

Thank god for DirecTV. After tonight, perhaps there is actually something to the rumors of Comcast having plans to drop the local Fox affiliate. Between the commercial mishap AND The Insider being on instead of the promised St. Elsewhere, I can pretty much believe it.
Just yet another reason to love the Flyboy Syndicate...

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