Friday, September 15, 2006

Chuck and the Letter K NOT On the Cup?! BLASPHEMY!!

You *really* think I am kidding?

Peter Karmanos, Jr - CEO/Owner/Governor
Thomas Thewes - General Partner
Jim Rutherford - President/General Manager
Jason Karmanos - Vice President/Asst. General Manager
Michael Amendola - Chief Financial Officer
Peter Laviolette - Head Coach
Kevin McCarthy - Assistant Coach
Jeff Daniels - Assistant Coach
Greg Stefan - Goaltending Coach/Pro Scout
Chris Huffine - Video Coordinator
Skip Cunningham - Equipment Manager
Wally Tatomir - Equipment Manager
Bob Gorman - Equipment Manager
Peter Friesen - Head Athletic Trainer / Strength and Conditioning Coach
Chris Stewart - Associate Athletic Trainer
Brian Tatum - Team Services Manager
Kelly Kirwin - Event Coordinator for Hockey Operations
Mike Sundheim - Director of Media Relations
Kyle Hanlin - Manager of Media Relations
Sheldon Ferguson - Director of Amateur Scouting
Marshall Johnston - Director of Pro Scouting
Claude Larose - Pro Scout
Ron Smith - Pro Scout
Bert Marshall - Scout
Tony MacDonald - Scout
Martin Madden - Scout
Tom Rowe - Lowell Lock Monsters Head Coach / General Manager

The freakin' Lowell Lock Monsters coach has his name etched on Lord Stanley, BUT NOT Chuck Kaiton?!?! NOT someone who has been with the team since their induction in the NHL, is considered one of the GREATEST radio announcers EVER in ANY SPORT, was once President of the NHL Announcers/Broadcasters Association (something like that), AND is in the Broadcasting/Announcing Hall of Fame?!?! Saying THAT is BLASPHEMOUS is putting it quite mildly.

As much as I love the Canes AND respect all who got their names on the Cup, someone or some people have got their priorities screwed.

Between Mike Lange getting canned by the Pens and this revelation, there is simply no love for the game's greatest play-by-play men. *sighs*

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