Saturday, September 23, 2006

If You've Come Here Expecting Pre-Season Canes Coverage...

...look elsewhere.

Admittedly, I'd probably do coverage of the Canes' pre-season games if my dwellings were still in Raleigh. But, they're currently not, and that, along with the fact that Chuck and the Letter K's announcing is not being streamed over the Net, makes pre-season game coverage *just a little* tricky AND not-as-fun. (sighs) At least the Pens have their pre-season games televised...but the Pens are *really* fellow blogging buddy, Michael/Hockey Fanatic's bag, not mine.

Speaking of Michael, I recommend checking out his review of Electronic Arts' NHL '07. Based on it, I may have to actually pick it up sometime.

Because of my predicament, I ended up watching Deal Or No Deal this evening...oh, shut up. I can't help that I still like Howie Mandall. Him and that guy who played Peterman on Seinfeld actually make good game show hosts IMHO.

In what little I've viewed of Deal..., I don't think I would be their type...every single person who's been on there acts like they are high on Jolt/Red Bull/etc. And as much as I love my caffeine, it would take the amount that would practically be fatal to the human body that would make me *that hyper*. I am certainly much more of a Jeopardy! type...if only the auditions for that show would hit this region.

I also had the fortune to see Peter Gabriel and his Growing Up Live concert (in Milano sometime during 2003, promoting the then new Up album) on one of the two PBS stations (specifically the West Virginia one) tonight...

- Even though his voice was raspy in spots AND couldn't hit the high notes (made *very obvious* by his performance of "Sledgehammer"), ol' Pete did not sound that bad. If there was a singing contest between Gabriel and Greg Lake (of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer fame) tomorrow, Gabriel would blow Lake out of the water.

- You may not tell by his voice overall, but Peter is in awesome shape...made evident by all of his stunts and antics throughout his songs. A classic example being when he rode a bicycle all around the stage throughout at least two thirds of "Solsbury Hill" (my favorite track out of the whole concert). That said, he certainly has not lost his theatrical edge either.

- And last but certainly not least, it was very cool to see Tony Levin, one of, if not THE, most kicka** bassists in the world being among the performers accompanying Pete. Tony's one of the reasons the heavilly underrated 1980-84 King Crimson lineup is my absolute most favorite incarnation of that band. And chances are that you have heard Levin a ton, for he is one of the most prolific session artists over the last thirty years.

Overall, last but certainly not least: Jeeves and Wooster is back on WV PBS as of tomorrow night....YAY!!!! I was starting to *really* miss them, especially Wooster...gotta have my Hugh Laurie fix in not only his Dr. House role, but also as one of his Brit-twits too. God, I hate when PBS, especially the WV one, has one of their numerous telephons.

Oh, one more drink recipe tonight, for I was further perfecting my Hartford Whaler concoction. Sorry to those of you who care. :( I promise to try to try something new tomorrow evening, most likely when I'm getting my Hugh Laurie fix.

Current Music: "I Am the Storm" by Blue Oyster Cult