Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy October!

It's my most favorite month of the year...'cause of its not only being when my birthday/Halloween (my most favorite holiday! ;D) occurs, but also the beginnings of my absolute most favorite season in Autumn/Fall AND when the NHL season officially starts.

Regarding my birthday coming up...if anyone of you dear readers, AND I mean anyone, want to get yours truly a gift, feel *very free* to peruse my (greedily thanks to at least a couple of my favorite animes not coming in box sets) Amazon Wish List.

Simply put, I probably love Halloween too much...right down to my playlist AND my latest holiday decoration:

Click here for the playlist.

Told y'all I would model one of those new shirts I mentioned earlier... :D

Speaking of Halloween...I'm already considering doing something different from the past few years, and might be a member of Kiss for this year. Something I've been entertaining for almost ten years, being a huge music/retro nut and all. If I go through with such an idea, I'll be either Peter "Catman" Criss or Ace "Space-Man" Frehley. Leaning towards Catman with my having a cross pendant that would be a nice touch, especially since the dude always wore medieval/gothic-style crosses when playing the skins. Not to mention the obvious association of cats with Halloween. :D

A couple of other things...

- I cannot believe I'm getting ready to type the following: I rented a Mortal Kombat(: Deception) game yesterday, and I ACTUALLY LIKE IT. Then again, it *really* helps that the puzzle game on that sucker is every bit as good, fun, and challenging as it looked on those YouTube videos. It's quite good to have something else besides Super Puzzle Fighter to play whenever I'm in a puzzle fighting mood...not to mention how being a fighting game nut in general, I figured I would to have to eventually own Mortal Kombat in one form or another...

- Guess what I found at Sam's yesterday? THE POLICE SYNCHRONICITY CONCERT ON DVD!!! Forgive me for yelling like that, but after watching the DVD last night, it still excites me to have finally found what is the very first concert I ever, EVER saw in my life thanks to a tape my folks had. God, I must have watched that thing 500 bajillion times, especially the "Synchronicity I" part. The only thing that *still* disappoints me about that concert? No "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic". But that is almost made up for with "Synchronicity II" (a.k.a. the "kick in the crotch" song), "Roxanne", "Invisible Sun", and "Don't Stand So Close To Me" featured as bonus tracks/clips.

Y'know, I've never really thought about it until now, but between my playing "Synchonicity I" on the tape AND "Every Little Thing..." on my folks' Ghost In the Machine vinyl, and watching Duran Duran's "Rio" just as much as "Synchonicity I", it's quite safe to say that my very first favorite bands ever were The Police and Duran Duran. I had amazingly damn good taste for a (at least) three-seven year old.

Current Music: "Just One Fix" by Ministry