Friday, October 06, 2006

...It's Easy To Get Burned.

My god, what a mess. much for attending my friend's wedding. I tried to sound optimistic last night, but to be honest, I was afraid that my folks and I would not go because of the chemical plant inferno. And unfortunately, my gut feeling was dead on...we have cancelled our reservations at Embassy Suites, making it absolutely official that we are not going to Cary today. And there are evacuees who could use our rooms more than us.

Maybe we are being a little too over-cautious, especially with the news sources acting like the rain is clearing the air. But I feel it is for the better that we are not going...I know I don't feel like putting my body at potential risk for respiratory system damage or cancer. While they still do not know the specific chemicals involved in the fire, apart from chlorine gas, it is known that a lot of the chemicals are carcinogens. And I don't know about a lot of people, but I sure as hell do not want to breathe in even just 5-10% of that crap.

That said, I'm praying for my friend, her future husband, and their wedding guests if they go through with the wedding; along with the Canes, their fans and any of my fan-friends thinking about attending tonight's game vs. the Devils, and just most people in the Apex/Cary area in general. It cannot be said enough: My god, what a mess...and I hope it does not affect "Opening Night 2". The RBC Center may be said to be in Raleigh, but it's practically in Apex/Cary...right there at the evacuation area, as a matter of fact. Obviously, if the game is called off, there will be no need for me to do my Random Musings tonight.

On a somewhat more positive note, at least I won't have to rush my butt around the Italian Festival and Oktoberfest trying to snack on the foods AND admire the crafts (and pondering buying one or two if I see something I *really* like).

Current Music: "100,000 Years" by Kiss