Friday, October 06, 2006

Just A Song Before I Go...

...well, maybe not a song.

But anyway, this will be my last post before either tomorrow night or Sunday, depending upon how I feel when I return from attending a friend's wedding in Cary, NC later this evening AND going straight from Raleigh/Cary to the Bluefield Italian Festival and Bramwell Oktoberfest tomorrow afternoon. Due to being gone for less than a day and the Internet fees at Embassy Suites, I will be laptop PC-less.

Will be sure to write about any interesting experiences and happenings...that is, if my folks and I's Cary-bound plans aren't brought to a grinding halt thanks to

So far, the chemical plant fire is limited to Apex, but I'm hoping that the smoke and fumes don't make their way to *very nearby* Cary...they sound as vicious as the fire that's spawning them.

*Very needless* to say, I'm praying and hoping that my friend's wedding can go on as planned.

Current Music: "Dragonscale and Lace" - Street Fighter Alpha VGMix Remix