Sunday, October 08, 2006

October 7th, 2006 - Canes @ Capitals: Random Musings and Observations

After witnessing the Canes being shutout in their home last night, I never thought it would be possible to be even more disappointed in a game where the Canes score. But, boys and girls, it is possible...Lavy's gotta do something, and thank god he has four days to "GIT R DONE!!" least I hope he somehow does.

- Regarding Staal's terrible play as of late, I'll spill the beans...the real reason Staal sucks right now? 'Cause he's on one of my Fantasy teams. And trust me, I sure as heck hope he improves ASAP. If there's anything that has gotta go, it's Eric's bickering with the refs. Last time I checked, you don't have a "C" or "A" on your jersey, #12. And if you are not careful, that crap's gonna get you into some deep doo-doo.

- Even though I have not mentioned him much, I *was* impressed with Tim Gleason...until he deliberately took out Ovechkin below the belt. That is way more than a rookie mistake...THAT is grounds for not being able to play for quite awhile. Timbo better be counting his lucky stars that Alex was able to play after that incident...if Ovey had been injured, the NHL would have gotten on Gleason like a ton of bricks. And they *still* might do that, especially with Ovey still being pushed as the next Gretzky/Lemieux/etcetera.

- Why was Cam Ward in net tonight? At the risk of paraphrasing Mickey D's, he deserved a break tonight. What was wrong with putting Grahame in net? Lavy wasn't afraid to get Gerber out there when Ward started faltering (no sooner than the very first game of last season, if memory serves me well), so why is he afraid of putting Grahame out there? For cripes' sake, Grahame *was* the best goalie Team USA had to offer during this past winter's Olympics.

- I am about convinced that as much as I despise it, the use of rap music during hockey broadcasts must be beneficial for the teams who implement it. First, the Florida Panthers, and now the Washington Capitals, who, on Comcast Sportsnet, had a bit of rap playing throughout a clip montage near the beginning of the third period.

- I honestly cannot believe I stopped watching a wonderful BeeGees concert DVD I got today to watch this sixty minute (hockey time, two and a half hours regular time) crapfest. Oh least I got to see/hear "You Should Be Dancin'", "Massachusetts", "To Love Somebody", and "Islands In the Stream" (the BeeGees' original is GOOD unlike the later crap cover by Dolly Parton and Kenny "facelift gone *very wrong*" Rogers...seriously, have you seen him lately? eeeeeek!).

That's right Canes, I just said the BeeGees are freakin' better than you right now. Put THAT in your bubblegum and chug on it! Again, your head coach better make you skate your brains out, among other things, to get over what is already getting to be a very bad hangover.

Speaking of hangovers, yours truly finally tried a new, NEW alcoholic concoction tonight...

Peach Fuzz (Juicy Version)

Fill shaker with ice.
2 oz. Peach Schnapps
Fill with equal parts Orange Juice and Cranberry (Cocktail) Juice.
Fill glass with ice and pour from the shaker.

Why "Juicy Version"? Well, I found out a few minutes ago that I messed up, and put in Orange Juice instead of Milk. *blushes* But, I suspect that Milk would make the drink if you want that instead of a more juicy drink, subsitute Milk for the OJ.

Anyway, I found the drink to be awesome overall. Perfect for those who want more than a Fuzzy Navel, but not a Sex On the Beach. Heck, it tasted much more like a peach than a Fuzzy Navel...definitely a keeper, at least this version.

Also, I didn't get to visit the Oktoberfest in Bramwell, WV due to the rainy weather. But, I did get to do the Italian Festival in Bluefield. Wasn't a whole lot to it, but it was enough...I did some damage to my wallet in the form of purchasing a new silver chain from one booth, and a silver Italian charm bracelet and some charms from another booth. I then proceeded to dine on an Italian sausage sandwich and a piece of Red Velvet Cake.

After that, I headed over to nearby Mercer Mall, where I went into Bath and Body Works. There, I took advantage of the Wallflower (a much fancier "Plug-In" room fragrancer) special, and got four scents...Spiced Cider, Moonlight Path, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Mango Mandarin. Then I went into FYE, where I got the aforementioned BeeGees DVD, One Night Only. And from what little I viewed, it is AWESOME. Amazing, simply, breathtakingly amazing how they still sounded so GREAT vocally in 1997. Seriously, they could even still hit those falsettos on the disco tunes!! Wow.

So, anyway...thanks a lot Canes for being a dull spot on an otherwise great day. ;P

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