Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 11th, 2006 - Canes @ Panthers: Random Musings and Observations

- Well, as crazy as it will sound, I'll go ahead and let it out...I knew the Canes were doomed right after Gary Roberts scored the very first goal of the game. Why? 'Cause the Kitties' FSN Florida crew went straight to Roberts' player profile AND its accompanying "rap music". I'm telling y'all, EVERYTIME rap music gets played in one form or another on a team's broadcasting affiliate, be it FSN or something else, that team wins.

I never thought I'd say this...but then again, when your favorite team is the first ever in NHL history to be 0-4 defending Stanley Cup champs, you'll say anything: The Canes need to get some rap music of their own. Something, anything...hell, play a game of "Capture the Flag" with the Atlanta Thrashers, making L'il John the flag.

Not that I'm all that fond of L'il John, but if there's any team that makes one want to get "crunk" currently, it's the Canes, DEFINITELY NOT the Thrashers, I'm sad to say.

- *Very needless* to say, I kept clamoring for FSN South to miraculously replace FSN Florida mid-broadcast. Not just because of the *still stupid* player profiles, BUT ALSO because of an *even more stupid* "feel-good story" about Todd Bertuzzi. You can paint Todd as a great, Florida-lovin' dude all you want FSN Florida, but the truth of the matter is that nobody is going to forget what Bert did in a certain Canucks/Avs game two and half years ago and counting. And because of that, I hope the Canes keep their baby blues fixated on Toddy in the remaining games vs. the Puddytats.

- Apart from there being one more goal scored and the opposition/location, this game was not one bit different from the "game" that took place in DC this past Saturday evening. It's like the Canes somehow snuck out of Laviolette's watch and got up with Peabody and Sherman. Then, they hopped into the Way Back Machine and used it to go way forward to tonight, bypassing the bag skates and the Hedican/K. Adams fisticuffs.

You know, that would make for one trippy-a** movie. I hope someone doesn't get any ideas... o_O

- Speaking of those fisticuffs a couple of sentences ago...I can only pray that tonight's loss does not make tempers flare up any worst than they already are. But I also cannot help worrying, knowing that it only took three losses for Kevyn and Bret to unnaturally lose it in practice like they did.

- As much as I have liked Eric Staal, it needs to be said right now: God, what a lazy-butt he's being right now. I saw at least one or two would-be goals he could have had tonight. Not to mention the absolute lack of emotion he was showing, especially after Olli "Captain Peachfuzz" Jokinen scored a goal, and all Eric could do was stare at him with seemingly glazed-over eyes. We are talking in such a way, I kept checking to make sure there was no drool emerging from Staalsy's mouth. o_O

BTW, the more I see of that EA ad Eric did, the more I not only realize how robotic he sounds there, but also that the ad could be just as much a curse as being on the cover for EA's NHL game. Eric has done PRACTICALLY NOTHING these past four games, other than being lazy and bickering off his red nylon covered tush to the refs (despite not bearing an A or C, which would somewhat allow him to do cannot be said enough, without either of those letters, Staalsy's treading on a tightrope when he chews out the refs).

- If I had known about John Grahame's record against Florida, I would not have put him in play on one of my Fantasy teams tonight.

- Is there any way to bench an entire team for a game? That's what this Canes squad needs, in addition to what Calvin's selling. So what if they lose because of there being no men available? What's one more in the L column? Something's gotta be done to make the Canes realize that wins do not come on a silver platter, as they've been playing like lately.

Except for the newbies in Eric Belanger and Scott Walker...they certainly played like they knew what was going on around them. Perhaps the remainder of your teammates could learn a thing or two or three from you, guys.

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