Friday, October 13, 2006

October 13th, 2006 - Canes @ Thrashers: Random Musings and Observations

- At last, the Canes *finally* get a win. (whew!) Was not exactly an exclaimation point, but it was a win, and that's practically what matters most right now. As the saying goes: Win pretty, win ugly, just win baby.

- SportsSouth's Thrash broadcasting crew are not nearly as nerve-grating as Turner South's punks. But, they are still pretty annoying...

- Whenever I think about how bad the Canes' "Be A Champion" slogan is, I am then reminded that it could have been worst, like "Redland".

- Going back to what I said about the game not being an exclaimation certainly started out good, with the Canes immediately getting a 3-0 lead (thanks Craig Adams and, FINALLY, Eric Staal) in the first period. But then, the second period starts to look downright familiar...Andrew Ladd and Staal get hurt (unfortunately, Ladd stayed out, but fortunately, Staal returned) and the brown birds get back into the game thanks to Sims and his pair of goals.

The third *almost* made things worst, with the birds tying it, and the chances of an OT/shootout then looking more possible. But then...

- ...Ray "The Wizard"* Whitney gets the GWG with about four-five seconds of the game remaining. Didn't read Ray's lips to see if he gave out a "F*** YEAH!" after he scored...but, that's what video tape is for. ;)

And for those of you who do not get what I am referencing there...shame on you.

- Speaking of that moment, a freaky coincidence:

Ray Whitney's number - #13, today's date - (Friday) the 13th.

Wow. And I have to admit that I kept glancing at the crowd to make sure Rod Serling's suit and tie wearing, cigarette toting ghost was not among the spectators. o_O

- Well, it's on to Pittsburgh, the Penguins, and one of eight games a season, not counting playoffs depending upon how those pan out, where I'm happy with the Canes OR the opposing team winning. Yes, I like the Penguins (AND Leafs), shut up. Anyway, I realize the Canes need the win more-so than the Pens. But, if the Pens win, I cannot complain...they're off to one of the better starts they have had in a couple of years, shutting out the Flyers and beating the Rangers in a close, high-scoring affair. So, go Canes and Pens!

- Speaking of the Pengies, my "realistic" Penguin logo shirt arrived today from! :D And accompanying that was a McFarland figure of Don Cherry and his beloved pooch, Blue.

And as you can see in the above photo, Don and Blue are now proudly perched on my desk, with (Full-Demon) Inuyasha serving as their body guard.

And yes, it *does* look like Mr. Cherry is staring at Inu's tush. Something I just noticed myself... o_O

Current Music: "Only Tomorrow Knows" by Dave Koz and Evan Rogers