Saturday, October 21, 2006

October 20th, 2006 - Canes @ Sabres: Random Musings and Observations

- Until tonight, I thought the Turner South/Atlanta Thrashers broadcasting crew was the worst one in the NHL...they have been topped by the Buffalo Sabres crew. O_O And I cannot decide which is worst: The play-by-play guy, who sounds like a combination of a HORRIBLE impersonation of Mike Lange and Howard Cosell, or the use of the orchestral* version of "Rock You Like A Hurricane" for the Sabres' "official theme music". Bleeeeeech...

It can never be said enough: Gawd, I miss the John and Tripp Show. Big time.

- Overall, I thought the Canes played good. Not bad. Not great. Just plain good. And considering how on fire the Swords *still are*...good may as well be considered great.

- The biggest flaws in the Canes' game were, IMHO: Lack of hitting and Eric Staal's overall game. I seriously thought Staal had a weak game. His attitude seemed lackadasical in parts, and his puck control cost the Canes a couple of decent power play setups.

- Well, on to the, not like that movie. If anything, I'd like to think the Canes can escape out of Nassau, and better yet, with a win. So far, DiPietro has yet to prove he's worth a million bucks...67 and a 1/2 times that.

- Yours truly decided to concoct a totally new least one that does not have a presence in her handy Bartender's Black Book. And how much appropriate can you get with the following, especially given where the Canes played tonight?


Fill shaker with ice.
1 oz. Vodka.
A capful of Irish Cream.
1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps.
Fill with Milk.
Fill glass with ice, and pour resulting drink from the shaker.

Delicious, simply delicious...and perfect for those seeking an "adult milkshake". ;) Cannot believe a recipe just like that was not in the Black Book.

Current Music: "Beth" by KISS (Symphony: Alive! IV version)

* - Got my birthday gifts to myself in the mail today...KISS: Symphony - Alive! IV and KISS: MTV Unplugged. Haven't listened to Unplugged yet, but damn, Symphony is just flat out awesome. And it's just the CD set...I haven't gotten the DVD yet, that may have to change ASAP.