Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 25th, 2006 - Canes vs. Thrashers: Random Musings and Observations

- At long last...I got the John and Tripp Show tonight!! Woot!!! :D

Actually, I really am not surprised that I got the FSN South feed on Center far, DirecTV has stayed true to their format of offering the home team's broadcasting feed.

- Once again, not the greatest of games by the Canes, or more particularly, their defense (despite Anton Babchuk getting the game-winner). Unlike Bret Hedican and Co., the offense and Cam Ward definitely came to play...that's what saved the Canes' fat from the brown birds' fire.

- Interesting how the little things can change with a Stanley Cup win under a team's belt. More specifically, the little aspects of that team's broadcast. I noticed tonight that the intermissions and Tripp's Chalk Talk are now sponsored by RBC Centura and CarQuest. Also, speaking of the Chalk Talk, they now have it spread out throughout the game instead of during the intermissions. Thanks to that, Caniacs like moi were spared initially seeing a goal by Ilya Kovalpunk in the third period.

- BUT, at the same time, some things haven't changed, like the razzin' frazzin' Rex Hospital/Healthcare ads...the same ad campaign as the last three-four years, at least. AND Tripp's obsession with a desperate attempt to mention food during tonight's game, Tripp blurted out something about either a cup of coffee or drinking coffee over Cory Stillman's talking and John Forslund's play-by-play. And the way Tripp did that, one could swear that he'd had more lattes than Cosmo Kramer in a certain Seinfeld episode.

- Cory Stillman's lookin' good, despite still nursing his injury. I think the fact that he actually had hair on his head put it even more bluntly, the Patrick Stewart look isn't exactly you, Cory.

- The real reason the Canes won? They played KISS in the RBC Center tonight!! Seriously, they played "I Love It Loud", which rocked my socks. Gee, I'm wonder if someone on the CanesVision/arena entertainment crew has been reading this here blog lately. Hmmmmmmm...

But anyway, just like Van Halen, the RBC crew should play more KISS. Certainly didn't hurt tonight.

So tomorrow night, it's back to Tampa, excuse me, "Hockeybay". *rolls her eyes* I cannot decide which is more stupid: "Be A Champion", "Blueland", or "Hockeybay". Between those and all the freakin' division games this month, I swear the NHL is trying to make not only the players, but also the fans sick of the Southeast Division.

Current Music: "King of the Night Time World" by KISS (Symphony - Alive! IV Version)