Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Welcome To Politically Incorrect With...Your Carolina Hurricanes!"

Before I go any further, let me state that I have never been all that fond of politics being brought up in public places and entertainment outside of election venues, newspapers/magazines, news channels/shows, and the local/world morning/afternoon/evening news. And really, not only political ads, BUT ALSO people who try to insert political references into posts at boards and LiveJournal groups I visit really, *really* burn my grits.

So, I hope that makes my stance on the following somewhat clear...

As someone brought up in the above linked Score Boards thread, Cory Stillman is in an ad barracking the Wake County school bonds proposal.

When I first read that, I had an uneasy feeling. I knew the Stanley Cup victory would open up the Canes to a ton of promotions and such. But of the political kind? Damn...

Cory's saving grace on this front is that he's in an ad for something most political minds could probably get behind, especially with all of the growth that Wake County is experiencing AND more than likely will for sometime. And even though I really don't like Cory's being in a political ad overall, I rather the ad be for something like a proposal than a living, breathing candidate. Which leads to my big beef with current athletes in political ads...

The last thing any of the current Canes people need to do is upset a large group of fans. And I fear that Cory's decision to be in a political ad could lead to one or more of the boys ending up in an ad or two backing a candidate the next time around instead of a proposal. AND because of that, a nice number of fans, specifically those from the opposing political party, being turned off of the team because of such ads AND the players/coaches/front office crew barracking their party's opponent.

Ten years ago, this wouldn't concern me like it does now...'cause ten years ago, people weren't as crazily obsessed with politics to the point where everything, even escapes from such mess, was associated with them.

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Edit as of 9:00 PM: Going back to that Score Boards thread, I see that people have taken to b*tching and moaning about public schools vs. private schools. Two things about that...

1. I really hate seeing Ronnie Francis' children, and really, any player's kids being the focus of such an argument.


2. After the riff-raff I've dealt with during my career as a public school student, if I had kids of my own and the money, I'd put my children in a private school. Either that, or homeschool them.

And to be honest, that depends on the area. Around here in Bluefield, I probably wouldn't be as afraid of public schools. But, in somewhere like Wake Forest/Raleigh, I would definitely do the private school/homeschool thing, especially with the state of public schools not getting any better from what I know in my experience AND what I have read over the last few years.

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