Friday, November 17, 2006

That 70's Movie

So, I was cruising around LiveJournal yesterday, when I came across the following in a horror movie community I track...

I normally don't go for zombie flicks, but seeing that clip piqued my interest...causing me to further explore, and find the following on YouTube.

Even though it is probably uber-cheesy overall AND/OR will have a crappy ending (the reviews I've read make it sound like the above two clips are the most worthwhile parts), I would *really* like to see Messiah of Evil/Dead People.

And yes, that secondary title is for real.

BTW, one for the "Learn something new every day..." files: I didn't know Sammy Davis Jr. had been in a Western. And apparently, a very horrible one at that.

Not to mention how the girl sure is making that popcorn last in that second clip... o_O

Oh, and also, since the Canes have a game tonight...let us all hope they don't skate and play like zombies.

Current Music: "Hole Hearted" by Extreme

Edit as of 12:36 PM: Just added the Canes NHL All-Star Voting Blog, put together AND mentioned at the Score Boards by DeanSmith4Ever, to the Canes section of the link collection.

Current Music as of the edit: "Footstompin' Music" by Grand Funk Railroad

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