Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 15th, 2006 - Canes vs. Rangers: Random Musings and Observations

- Even though I always like it when the Canes win (and who doesn't, other than opposing team fans, certain ones *still* clamoring for the Whale to return to the Land of Insurance, and/or those who just flat out hate the Canes and/or hockey for no decent reason), this had to be the most boring win of the year. I'm sure I would think differently if I had the fortune to be at the game in person...

Anyway, seriously, this game dragged like Garfield the Cat after a lasagna binge...and it couldn't have just been me. At the risk of sounding like an advocate for the devils that are the "New NHL" (hey, "new" or "old", hockey is hockey people) and Bettman, the only Canes goals being scored at the very beginning AND very end of the game probably didn't help the time perception.

- At the risk of ticking off some of my Caniac brethren, particularly those who prefer to pull for NC State...the game was so boring in parts that I ended up flipping back and forth between it and my UNC Tar Heels men's hoops team struggling against the Winthrop Eagles.

- Even John and, *gasp*, Tripp (yes, praise the DirecTV and Center Ice gods, I got the FSN South feed last night) came across as ho-hum. I think the most excited they ever got was when they were showing a couple of the players' dads and talking about Team Bonding Exercise #37 a.k.a. the big annual (apparently) "Room With Your Dad" event taking place in the District of Columbia today and tomorrow.

- Speaking of male bonding...the most entertaining the game got was when they showed a picture of Matt Cullen and Mike Commodore kissing Lord Stanley in...well, a way that makes me *very glad* it gets constantly cleaned. o_O

- That "Brindy! Brindy! Brindy!" commercial *still* gets on my nerves AND creeps me out royally. The more I hear of that thing, the more I lean towards my Mogwai/Gremlins comparison than Mini-Me.

The hits just keep on coming from the Canes' advertising/marketing department...

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