Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Time Is Here Again!!

Yes, tis the time of the year for my second most favorite holiday behind Halloween. Just like then, my (greedily huge) Amazon Wish List is VERY RIPE for picking for those of you interested in getting yours truly a gift or two. :D Also ripe for picking are my Card and Stuff Want Lists over at Dieci, my Ron Francis collection site.

Most noteworthy aspects of my celebrating the season thus far...

- My mother and I got the family Christmas tree up the earliest we've ever done the task...November 28th. Before that, the earliest we ever had the tree up was maybe two weeks before Christmas. What probably helped was that this year's tree is a brand new one, featuring lights that change back and forth between multi-color and white. It looks FANTASTIC, and even though I plan to eventually post a photo or two, I highly doubt that photos will do the tree (which, I totally decorated while my mother unloaded just about every single decoration we have...including some we have never used before!!) justice.

- My official Christmas icon for this year over at LiveJournal and at a few message boards is one featuring Link, Zelda, and Agahnim/Ganon wishing all a Merry Christmas, in honor of the fact that my big gift from my folks this year will be a Nintendo Wii. :D

- Last but certainly not least for Christmas playlist, featuring nostalgic favorites and ecelectic versions of traditional tunes. New additions are in bold, additions I hope to have are in italics, AND the playlist is now separated into themes...

Click here for the playlist.

Current Music: "Step Into Christmas" by Elton John

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