Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 30th, 2006 - Canes vs. Canadiens: Random Musings and Observations

- Ok, 'cause many of you are expecting it, I'll go ahead and make it official: Ron Francis needs to make more special guest appearances on FSN South when his now very, VERY BUSY schedule can allow it.

In all seriousness, it really seemed like the Canes got an extra spark or two in their engines when Ronnie took to the booth during the second period.

And for the record, when John said a special guest was coming on, something told me it would be Mr. Francis. Figured it would be either him, or Mike Commodore's dad, as much as they talked about Commie's day with Lord Stanley.

- Speaking of Mikey-Boy, you know he is really, truly a party dude when just his mere presence in a photo makes him look like he is fresh out of a college fraternity movie, with or without the enchanted afro.

- Too bad Erik Cole did not get the hat trick...but at least he got much needed points for both the Canes and my Fantasy teams. Something that cannot be said about Staalsy as of late...never thought I'd see the day where the boy would benefit moi more in the PIM column, where that's good anyway, than the goals or assist one.

- Ladies and gentlemen, Wardo is back. And even though I'm not sure I could agree with his taste in music shown off through it, Cam's new Nickleback helmet/mask is rather nifty looking. But, being a mythology nut, I still say Marc Denis has the best current helmet/mask in the NHL.

- What is with FSN South not wanting to cover the games against the Boston Bruins? First this past Friday's game, and now Saturday's game...well, at least NESN has not been obnoxious...yet.

- A thought just dawned on me...I did not see the infamous "Gizmo loves Brindy" ad at all tonight. You mean someone's actually listened to me? Wow...what a novel concept!

It's funny I bring that ad up considering I just bought Gremlins for my so-far tiny DVD collection... :D

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