Thursday, December 07, 2006

November 6th, 2006 - Canes @ Oilers: Random Musings and Observations

(Skipped last night's game 'cause to quoteth William Shakespeare...all the world is indeed a stage, AND THE CANES PLAYED LIKE CRAP!!

And, I was practically a zombie due to having get up really, REALLY early because of renovation work being done on my family and I's house.)

- I'm cutting to the chase on one thing made VERY BLATANT throughout this game...Mick McGeough ROYALLY SUCKS as a ref. Forget Mike Hasenfratz, I got a new numero uno most hated ref.

Unfortunately, I am not surprised that Magoo called things the way he did tonight...highly considering how he did not want to anger up the Oil faithful's blood more than he already did in
a certain incident earlier this season. But geez Louise...was trying to make nice with the Oil more important than blowing a VERY OBVIOUS high sticking call (which should have been four minute of PP time for the indicated by a very bloody Mike Commodore)? Then again, what the heck am I saying? We are talking about a ref who is so dramatic when he is criticized that he might as well don a Cowardly Lion costume or something similar, and belt out that horrible "King of the Forest" song.

- At first, I was highly enthralled to get The John and Tripp Show tonight, especially after having to put up with ESPeeN Full Court/Radio for about thirty-forty minutes into the game. But then, the thrill started going when John and Tripp constantly sang the praises of the Oilers. It can never be said enough: John and Tripp, I do admire how, unlike a certain Buffalo announcer with his team, you two try not to be complete Canes homers in your coverage. BUT, when the 60-70% bias starts leaning more in favor of the team playing other than the Canes, that's where I start to get a little annoyed.

Of course, I guess I'll give John and Tripp a free pass tonight, considering how it was/still is hard to overly compliment the Canes right now.

- Speaking of that, I couldn't help but be easily amused by how the "Bold Move of the Game" (fancy term du jour for the best highlight of the game, for those of you not in Canesland one way or another) was a move by Justin Williams that resulted in an Oil goal. While I think the "Bold Move" should have been Craig Adams' goal...usually, team broadcasts try to put on a positive spin one way or the same time, I think Willy's "bold move" beautifully sums up tonight's affair in a concise manner.

- As if tonight wasn't already horrid enough, Rod Brind'Amour did not even play in the third period. To quote J. Forslund: "Rod did not report to Coach Laviolette."...and later, it was revealed that a lower body injury is what's keeping #17 hampered. More will be revealed here tomorrow or in a couple of days...

- Speaking of El Capitan, just when I thought a certain Canes commercial had finally been pulled...Gizmo's cries of "Brindy! Brindy! Brindy!" came back with a vengeance in the remaining five minutes of the "game", resulting in yours truly making a noise similar to this.

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