Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Brief Review of... Happy Feet

Yes, I finally saw the movie with the dancing penguins "that somehow made #1 for two weeks" according to a bunch of people and Best Week Ever.

Well, I have to say that Happy Feet's being numero uno for those two weeks AND numero dose last week was *very well deserved*.

Now, even though I really like/love penguins (not just the hockey team in Pittsburgh, but also the birds they're named after) AND music, I went into this movie with rather low expectations. Thinking that its worthiness would lie in the cleverly animated penguins, and there being not much of a plot. Boy, was I ever wrong. There is a plot, and it makes you actually feel for Mumble, the lead penguin and character, voiced by Elijah Wood.

While the plot was much better than I expected it to be, I don't want to give away too much since the gist of this is I want you to see the picture. ;D BUT, I will also say that the main stars of the picture were the animation, music. AND ESPECIALLY some of the voices. If I had to pick an absolute favorite voice, and it would not be an easy task, I'd probably have to go with Hugh Jackman, and his very, VERY appropriate Elvis Presley voice for Memphis, the penguin who fathered Mumble. Though, Robin Williams' soul/preacher man voice for Lovelace, the narrating Rockhopper Penguin, runs an extremely close second.

As for the music...all I will say is that if it doesn't get your toes a'tappin' at least once, then you are truly not human. Loved, ABSOLUTELY LOVED the combination of genres represented, from funk ("Tell Me Something Good"), old school rap ("The Message"), 80's (Prince's "Kiss"), disco ("Boogie Wonderland"), and even classic rock ("Somebody To Love" and The Beatles' "The End"). As a matter of fact, I just might have to add the CD of the soundtrack to
my (greedily huge) Amazon Wish List.

So yes, go see this movie while it's still in won't regret it, trust me.

Current Music: "Christmas Canon In D" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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