Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 3rd, 2007 - Canes vs. Habs: Random Musings and Observations

- Even though I understand that it had something to do with a VS. contract of sorts, I STILL say that FSN South not covering this game ROYALLY SUCKED. As someone who actually wanted to see the 10th Anniversary banner hanging, I knew darn good and well that the only chance of that happening would be if FSN South covered the game. As I predicted, the RDS (the Quebec/French TSN) feed did not show a lick of the ceremony...and while VS., if they had chosen to cover this particular game instead of Ducks/Wings, would have probably been a little better, I highly doubt they would have given the banner hanging the coverage that FSN South would have given it.

Not to mention that the RDS feed was just horrible tonight anyway...cameras and computer graphics out of focus during the entire game (and we're talking so bad that it got to where I started to worry that I needed a new glasses prescription) and even the sound got rather fuzzy and staticky in parts. Ugh...

Oh, and I have saved the best for last about this...the RDS announcers kept getting the players' names wrong. No, I am not talking about pulling a Gary Thorne and mispronouncing the names out the wazoo...I mean getting the players wrong. Some examples:

John Cullen = Matt Cullen

Ryan Whitney = Ray Whitney

One of the announcers also said that we got Jeff Hamilton from the L.A. Kings for Jack Johnson...certainly would have been a much better trade than it really was if that's how it had panned out.

- The first period was not bad, IMHO. Certainly where we saw the best playing out of the Canes in this particular game.

- But, what happened in the second and third periods?! I lost count of all the stupid penalties the Canes took, the times they were in their own zone, AND when they could have hit someone BUT decided to not do that!! Way, WAY too reminiscent of last season...and it's only the first game!

- Best player of the game was definitely Cam Ward...with Scott Walker and Andrew Ladd following right behind to the point of almost toppling upon the dude.

- Worst player? Definitely Nicky Wallin...two stupid penalties are enough of a no-no by themselves. But when those penalties lead to game-tying AND game-winning goals for the opposition, those penalties become a big fat hairy no-no.

- This Friday, the Canes that take to the ice better be the ones who started with two rather nicely played power plays at the beginning of this hockey game. Be it through power plays or otherwise, they'll going to need some goals against those Penguins and their mighty offense...

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