Monday, April 26, 2004

Thank You! I Knew I Couldn't Be the Only One... totally dislike Bobby Flay's guts. It seems like quite a few on Jump the Shark's Iron Chef page agree with me that Flay is quite the nauseating character. I love Iron Chef (and with that said...I know I've fallen down on the job of presenting the Iron Cane Chef competitions. I'll be trying my best to get back to that...), but do agree that it jumped with the constant contests against Bobby Flay (with him undeservingly winning most, if not all of them). And I honestly don't like Flay more than who too has constantly gotten on my nerves with the over-exposure on the Food Network. IMO, Emeril jumped with a sitcom that barely lasted half of a season. Two shows not being enough?! Puh-leeze. While I can't deny that Emeril does have some good dishes (my dad once fixed his cheese grits and shrimp, and that really rocked), I miss Justin Wilson, the only true Cajun cook on TV. How I wish PBS or Food Network would get his show, Louisiana Cookin', back.

Anyway, back to Bobby "Cocky" Flay...Iron Chef Japanese, Morimoto summed him up best:

"This man is not a chef."

Normally, I cheer for the challengers to win on Iron Chef, but the Millennium Special was an exception with my wanting Morimoto to win over Baby Flay.