Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #1, Volume One

My perch may not be in Raleigh anymore, but I can *still* see all that's Canes and hockey for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles...ohhhh yeah. That is, through the wonders of Internet and Center Ice...the latter I hope to talk some folks into getting for my birthday, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Oh yes, I can see everything, not only through said Internet, but this here magic mirror...hmmmmm, I see Michael and Eric and Justin and Matt and Colin and Cory. Yes, they performed a bit of magic in scoring a goal each in the Canes' 6-0 win over the Caps in the *very first* NHL game in two years.

Not to mention how Cam Ward wasn't shabby either...posting a shutout.

Based on what I have read elsewhere, it's a shame that CanesVision does not sound to be nearly as good as the playing portion of their employers.

They now not only have a new play-by-play guy (I miss Gilliam), but also a couple of new "hosts" for the contests and factoids about the team. I did not even have to be there to experience the badness of these new "hosts", courtesy of the Canes' official board, LetsGoCanes, and

"What street corner did they pull those two clowns off from? The dorky games (trivia, find the puck) are goofy enough without someone who has no idea how to pronounce Gelinas' last name pretending they care about hockey."

"And for GOD'S SACK -- get the microphone away from that blond *******-- that thin, tinny baby girl voice made me want to break something. And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD-- give them a glossary of name pronunciations, please!!! AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! "

"The duo (smiling guy and squeaky girl) were AWFUL! Please tell me they were a try out and not going to be the tandem used this season. He was all right but smiled so often, I found myself blinded by the glare, which only rivaled the bleeding from my ears due sqeak in her voice and her complete mangelment of Gelinas..."

That last comment makes me wonder if the segments with the frequently mentioned (and annoying) two were sponsored by Orbit gum. Sounds like they should have been...

By the way, did I mention that I miss Gilliam?

"you know what is absolutely spectacular and at the same time aggravating about my new season ticket seats? We couldn't hear the PA system AT ALL this evening from where we were sitting. It sounded like Charlie Brown's mother or whatever character it is that just does the mumbling "mmm hmm hemm mmm mmm mmm mm mmm". The only time its aggravating is when we score, you can't tell which players were credited... and they didn't put it on the jumbotron for you to see on every goal. Either the horn speakers directly above us are broken or they just didn't turn them on this evening because we were only getting the sound from speaker systems in other parts of the arena. However, the positive is that we didn't have to really listen to those idiots in between plays... wow... just watching them made me cringe.

The new PA announcer has GOT to GO!! Even though I couldn't hear him, I could tell from the mumbling that he was awful. I miss the old PA announcer already... and my new friends around my seats definitely concurred..."

Well, have no fear, this will have a positive ending...I'm coming down to Raleigh tomorrow! And I shall be attending the Caniac Carnival and ensuing game vs. the Florida Panthers this Sunday!! Look for the following in Section 303 and around...

That's right folks, I will be in full costume. Hey, it's been a loooong time...I think I am certainly entitled.


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