Monday, January 09, 2006

I Did It!

As of 5:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time, yours truly officially beat her first game of Tales of Symphonia. Days-wise, it took me two weeks and one day. Gametime-wise, it took me 65 hours...beating the advertised gameplay time by 15 hours! But, that does not include the side quests of collecting every item (including weapons, armor, various trinkets, etc.) in the game AND all of the recipes you can cook for your battle group(s). That will be taken care of in the next game of ToS I play, which will make for an interesting gametime experiment.

And for those of you who have not played ToS, get your a** out the door and get it now (and a Gamecube if you do not have one)!! This is the BEST game I have ever played on the Gamecube. And yes, that counts Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. Hell, ToS easily cracks my top three most favorite games ever. Which, as of now is...

3. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

2. Tales of Symphonia

1. Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past

And there is a pretty damn good reason behind my rating ToS so high...not only is the gameplay so freakin' awesome, the plot is beyond freakin' awesome. I think I lost count of all the twists and turns the story contains. Even the more cliched parts will have you thinking and actually caring about the main characters and their goal(s).

The voice acting is neat too...looking at Internet Movie Database's entry for ToS, I found out that some of the voice actors sound awful familiar because they have done voice work for other video games, animes, and/or cartoons. The most "famous" voice of the bunch probably belonging to Lloyd, the lead main character's actor...who plays Robin on Cartoon Network's Teen Titans.

Well, once I starting getting that itch to game again, I'll try my hand at Tales of Phantasia on my PC. If its successor is any indication, I'm quite sure it will kick a** and take names too.


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