Monday, January 16, 2006

Let the Great Geek-Off Begin

As I am typing this, I am printing out what I feel is a good walkthrough for Tales of Symphonia. Once that, all 287 pages of it, is done, I will embark upon what I shall call "The Whole Chimichanga" edition of the said game. And I mean the video game equivalent of the The Old 96er...ALL of the sidequests, collections, what-not. It took me almost 65 hours to beat ToS without doing most of will be downright interesting to see how much longer it takes. If it even does take much noted, this time I will have the benefit of using a walkthrough*, which may or may not cut down on the time.

Longer or shorter play-length, to quote a player in one of those lame-a** MyNHL ads, this is going to be fun. Even if I don't get to finish before I have go off on my great journey next week to attend the Festival of the Eternal Captain. Hmmmmm...I wonder if the Hampton Inn's television sets will let you set up a video game system.

* - For all of you walkthrough purists, I was a good girl as always, and waited to solve the game on my own before even having the gall to look up a walkthrough. So stop looking at me and/or this post like that.


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