Monday, March 27, 2006

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #17, Volume One

At (very) long last, it is the Rod Brind'Amour-sized issue of my Net. And it really couldn't have been saved for a better time too...

- First things, first, the Canes start game #2 vs. the Lightning in a four game homestand, that for some reason, gives me the heebie-jeebies. I guess it's because the Canes are somehow not doing all that great against Southeast Division opponents. Not even the Washington Crapitals, who handed the Canes a 3-1 ass-whooping...and don't let that score fool you, it *was* an ass-whooping.

I sure as hades do not want to meet Atlanta or Tampa Bay in the first or second round of the playoffs. They's scares me...both of them, considering how the Canes' wins over Tampa have been very few and in-between this season. AND, Atlanta with illegal-stick-boy (you know who I'm talking about) AND their crappy-ass home team coverage...just ugh. I know people get sick of my complaining about Turner South, but seriously, I really, REALLY hate their coverage. Easily the worst coverage I have encountered thus far on Center Ice...and that's saying something, considering that I have had to put up with NESN and their damned Winnipeg jokes. The Canes may have finally gotten wise, and somewhat downplayed their still bad "Here To Play, Here To Stay" slogan. But, the burn is still there...even with the Canes' outstanding season despite current times.

Not to mention how the Canes seem to be *really* thriving on the Caniac Nation's fears of not doing nearly as well without Colesey...AND I know they can play without the guy. As much as I love my Canes, it really pains me to say this, but they are not the best of the best of the best (SIR!) if they can't seem to get into their heads that one player a team does not make. I think the Canes' lack of physical play AND emotion as of late is due to them *really* missing Cole. And the thought of that is touching, BUT as much as I hate blaming a team and/or coach(es), someone, be it Lavy or Brindy, has got to hammer home that they *can* play without #26. Even without Cole, they *still* have the guns to make a great playoff run AND get that Cup.

It would also help if the Canes would actually practice power plays more than anything else right now. I'm all for living in the past on some things, but certainly not on the power play.

- Speaking of Lord Stanley's Prize, why are so many people preferring the President's Trophy a.k.a. "the Martini Glass" over hockeydom's Holy Grail? Let those freakin' Red Wings or Senators have their martini...just because your team can have one shaken, not stirred does not mean that they'll get champagne either. Though, much to my surprise when I looked it up at, quite a few teams have managed to have both drinks...the last one being the cursed Little Caesars of 2002.

- Somewhat changing the subject, I discovered an interesting tidbit this morning via the Canes board:

So, Jack Johnson wants to leave college for that golden limelight called the NHL...I realize that with all of the injuries, JJ is mighty tempting to sign Jimmy. But please, for the love of St. Francis, DON'T DO IT!!! Jackie-boy is a defenseman, and defensemen need all of the development they can get, be it in college or junior/minor leagues. AND, Jack *really* needs to learn to keep his attitude in check. The last thing the Canes AND Caniac Nation need is more chemistry controversy. Not that there's a whole lot right now...but there is some courtesy of the presence of Weight and Recchi.

- Last, but certainly not 'bout them George Mason Patriots? To quote someone at an UNC Tar Heel hoops message board I read:

"George Mason, your run has been great. But please, for the love of Mike, stop."

Yes, it is an elitist comment...but afterall, I cheer for an "elitist" school. AND, I really, genuinely just don't want George Mason to win...I prefer LSU over them. LSU has good defense AND they did the Championship-worthy task of beating Dook. That's all I need.


Blogger d-lee said...

I don't think JR will get it done, but I do think it's interesting that in a span of one week, Jackie Boy has gone from saying "The only way I'm leaving (Ann Arbor) is at gunpoint" to saying "I'm really torn".

I agree with you that the conventional wisdom is to let the dmen ripen a little, but he's a straight-up BEAST.

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