Saturday, May 06, 2006

Overclocked Remix AND YTMNDs of the Week!

Before I post this week's OC Remix, I must say that I am not a huge fan of SNK's King of Fighters series...unlike a lot of fighting/martial arts game fans, who often deem KoF to be "the be all, end all of fighting games". A few years ago, I played KoF '97 in a bowling alley's arcade, and I just was not that impressed. It could have just been that one machine, but the controls were crap AND they gave you barely five seconds to put together your team of three or four fighters. The controls were so bad that I'm not even sure I would have done well with the often recommended Bogart Brothers team...if I then knew who they were in that series.

Anyhoo, whenever I'm in a fightin' mood, it's gotta be Street Fighter or Tekken for me. But, that does not stop me from *really* liking this mix...

Not to mention how that would make for some delicious warm-up and/or introduction music at a Canes game.

The beauty of in full effect: Watch how a lame YTMND... birth to a bunch of HILARIOUS YTMNDs. (*Personal favorites marked with asterisks*)

** - I swear he looks A LOT like Ray Charles there. o_O

** - Scarily enough, that *does* sound like a song that would be used in a Tekken game's stage.


Had to save the best one for last...especially for you, Whaler fans!


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