Monday, May 01, 2006

Canes/Habs - Game Five: Random Musings and Observations

Well...because 1. I'm lazy. and 2. I don't have a ton of time because I am getting ready to go out and get more goodies to appease her feline highness; I will just post what I posted last night in the one and only Ronnie Francis' blog.

Hmmmmm...first "y'all", and now "Git R Done"? I say, you've most definitely adapted quite well to Southern living, Mr. Francis. :D

In all honesty, I did not see a lot of Game Five due to having gone out to eat. But what I did see (the third period), I LOVED. It was made obvious that the Canes played just as good as, if not better than in Game Four.

And even though I didn't watch the first two periods, my brother did, and told me that the Canes' power play was AWESOME. Thus making me glad that I did record the game. :D

Got to see the penalty kill in the third, and that was wonderful too, as you very well noted. I have become incredibly impressed with the improvement in not just the Canes' overall gameplay, but especially the power play and penalty kill aspects of it. The former was really killing them in the fourth quarter of the season...very, VERY good to see the Canes make a turn-around with that.

And I wouldn't feel right if I did not mention Cam Ward too...the kid has been nothing but, well, to borrow from one Jimmy "J.J." Walker, DYNE-O-MITE(!!), in the crease. I'm looking quite forward to further good times from the boy, during the playoffs AND in the future.

Anyway, yes, the Canes certainly have the Habs where they want 'em...and it will be best to finish them off Tuesday. Don't need to give the Habs a win nor a sense of momentum.

And yes, Ronnie did actually say "Git R Done"...go see for yourself. :D


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