Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Canes/Habs - Game Three: A Few Random Musings/Observations

- I don't know how, outside of Cam Ward having a freakin' good game (and getting a well-deserved First Star for it), but the Canes somehow got a win. Even though they had apparently left the notes about how they played the second and third periods of Game Two back in Raleigh.

- Kudos to Brindy and Staal, who in addition to the aforementioned Wardo, managed to help their Canes FINALLY make it a series.

- My only real beef with this game? Those razzin' frazzin' power plays. If the Canes can cut out all of the fancy-smancy passing and actually shoot some more, they might, *gasp*, score more goals!! It would also help to not keep shooting at Huet.

- As long as Jim Hughson is at the helm, I can get used to CBC/Hockey Night In Canada doing the games. Yeah, he sounds just like the EA video games at times, but the big geek in me cannot help but really get a kick out of that.

- Canadian commercials are better than American it on the funny scale OR the creepy scale. Have you seen those workplace accident awareness commercials? You are truly not human if those do not make your heart stop for a second. O_O

- I SO wanna see that "History of Hockey" special that's going to be on the CBC this autumn.

- Don Cherry can be quite amusing during and after sipping a glass of White Zinfindel. I also happened to notice that there's really not much need for Ron MacLean, outside of just being there to remind Monsieur Cherry about what to talk about AND shut him up when the time is up. Though, for someone who's pretty quiet throughout most/all of Coach's Corner, MacLean sure has Cherry's schtick down...listen carefully for the mentioning of a Cane in there.

- Last, but certainly not least...I wish Saku Koivu all the best in prayers and thoughts towards a good recovery. I may not be all that fond of everyone on the Habs, but I've always liked Koivu, especially after hearing/reading about his bout with cancer. And it would really break my heart to see his playing career end because of a serious eye injury.


Blogger Chris said...

Your thoughts are very close to my own on the game last night. We were very lucky to pull that out.

I also agree about Canadian commercials. Don't know why that is - I think they're not as worried about offending special interests and lobbies. The anti-smoking commercial in Quebec, I think, is a great example of them - the kids escaping the smoke like it's a fire, but it's really their parents smoking. No way that plays over here.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Stormbringer said...

Yeah, we were lucky to pull it out...though, as I'm going to post in Ronnie's blog soon, that was the Canes' best playoff game to date, scarily enough. If they can just get their power play crap together AND Gerber can get back to being ship-shape, the Canes can be just as unstoppable without Cole. Yes, I am still a firm believer in that...

I haven't seen the anti-smoking ad from Quebec, but it sounds like it is genius. The Canadians just seem to have far more great advertising ideas than Americans lately. Though, the Americans do have a good idea or two here and there...I happen to really like the Raisin Bran Crunch campaign with Johnson and his boss, who constantly keeps trying to fire Johnson. But, the said cereal somehow always saves the day (and Johnson's job).

11:30 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Yeah, those are funny spots too.

I think we played better as a team in Game 2, after Cam came in the game. I think we can win without Cole as well. The team is just having trouble proving it. It all starts in goal, though.

2:21 PM  

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