Saturday, April 22, 2006

Canes/Habs - Game One: A Few Random Musings/Observations

- Well, well, well...imagine that, the Canes still stink after that horrendous final regular season game vs. Buffalo, and they stink about as much as someone who just broke the world record for eating the most Bloomin' Onions at Outback Steakhouse.

- The defense needs to wake the hell up...not blaming this game on Gerber. And why Laviolette left him in during the third period, torturing the poor Swissman like that, I have no earthy idea...I thought for sure that Wardo would be in net at the start of the third.

- The offense may have had one goal, but they still need what Calvin's selling.

- I'm very well aware of what an integral part of the puzzle Cole and Whitney have been...but I am still a firm believer in the Canes being able to play without them. But me being the believer is one thing...the Canes themselves believing in what I just said is another.

- Why, for the love of hockeydom, did FSN South feel they needed a "sideline chick"* to accompany John Forslund and Tripp Tracy?! This is not football, basketball, or even baseball!! The "sideline chick", she sucks. She cannot even pronounce the players' last names right...and that would actually not be surprising if this was on ESPN. BUT, THIS is NOT Bristol, CT's pride and joy! This is FSN South, for cripes' sake! And for the record, John and Tripp did not need a stinkin' "sideline chick" during 2002. What made them and/or FSN think they needed one now? That, in addition to "The Robe(s)" AND Gelrose's constant praise, can't be good for the Canes' mojo...

* - I may be a female, but I'm not afraid to say "chick"... :P


Blogger Chris said...

Is that who that lady was? I saw her near my section (113) with the FSN microphone, but I had no idea what she was doing.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Stormbringer said...

Yeppers. And again, she was/is AWFUL. My brother and I were just talking about her, and how even though we are looking forward to getting the John and Tripp feed on Center Ice again tonight, we certainly are not looking forward to the "sideline chick" again. My brother even said "Where the heck did they get her? Off the street?". And to that, I responded that if I was a betting person, I'd go with her being either a current or ex-girlfriend of Tripp Tracy's, OR someone who tried out for the Storm Squad.

And because it can never be said enough...John and Tripp did not need a stinkin' "sideline chick" in 2002, and they definitely don't need one now.

3:44 PM  

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