Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Canes/Habs - Game Two: A Few Random Musings/Observations

- Didn't get the FSN South feed on Center Ice tonight, but the CBC (Canadian) feed instead. My brother and I expected the worst, but the coverage actually turned out pretty good. I was quite impressed with how un-biased it was. Highly favorable towards both teams, and they even interviewed my Ronnie Francis!! :D Too bad his presence didn't bring the Canes much needed luck...nor did my wearing my mask and jersey while parked in front of the tube for the first time in awhile.

BTW, if any of you reading this recorded the game on CBC, or more specifically the Francis interview, please e-mail me (caroline@(IDON'TLIKESPAM!!!)smithcharles.com, remove the Monty Python quote). Thanks a bunch in advance! :)

- Speaking of that interview, the only point of Ronnie's with which I did not agree was that the Canes played good in the first period. If the Canes did that very thing, they would have not been down three goals AND this series would be tied at 1-1.

- Gerber had a bad stomach virus during Game One? (sighs) Perhaps I was just a little wrong in not blaming Gerbs...

- When this game went into OT, it started feeling like the infamous Game Three of the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals. Whoever went on to win the game will probably go on to win the series. I *really* hope that is not the case with the Habs eeking it out like they did tonight.

- Again, I don't think the chips are totally down for the Canes...trying my darndest to be a tiny bit positive. But, I hafta admit that well, to quoteth one Ringo Starr, it don't come easy.

Edit: - I cannot believe I forgot to mention this...and you can thank Ronnie's blog for helping me remember: The Canes *finally* learned thay they *can* play without Cole. It didn't sink in until near the end of the first period, but somehow, someway, it sunk. If only this state of mind would last throughout not only the playoffs, but also, AND ESPECIALLY for the time being, Game Three.


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