Monday, April 24, 2006

Calling All Cat Owners and/or Cat AND Dog Owners

As the time to get my feline friend (pretty much later this week) approaches, I have least one or two I've probably asked before, and a new one...

For those who have owned/are owning just cats:

1. Male or female? Or more specifically, do I *really* have to worry about "spraying"? Is it true that if you get a male who was neutered before puberty, the chances of him "spraying" are the same as a female's (I.E. still a chance, but not nearly as bad, if at all)?

2. Per suggestion by mindthegaps on LiveJournal, I finally broke down and got one of those "Complete Idiot's Guide To..." books...particularly the one about "Healthy Cat". And in it, they (The Cornell University Cat Clinic) suggest that the litter box and food/water areas must be separate, I.E. not in the same room. So...

Does it *really* matter that the litter box and the food/water area are in the same room, contrary to the book?

I cannot help but ask that, since I swear that my cousins have always liked to keep their cats' litter and food/water areas in the same room, and my aunt is doing the same with her cats. AND my initial plan was to convert the floor of my closet in my bedroom/apartment into the cat's eating/drinking/eliminating area.

For those who have owned/are owning cats and dogs (preferably small ones, since I currently own a Miniature Dachshund, but big ones are fine too) at the same time:

How much trouble is it to get a cat and a dog, a nine year old *very barky* male one, to get along? What is the best way to pull off such a thing?

Other than wanting input on those AND having to wait on some goods to arrive from PetSmart and PetCo, I cannot wait to get a kitty. Going to check out the Tazewell County Animal Shelter soon...cannot help but hope that this cat turns out to be the one...

Incredibly beautiful cat with an actually nice given name...just keeping my fingers crossed that she will still be available AND is not territorial like the tortoiseshell I had my eyes on at the Mercer County shelter.


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