Friday, April 28, 2006

Bette Davis Is Officially Mine!

As of 12:30 pm today, Miss Bette Davis officially became my cat (or, I officially became Miss Bette Davis' human...take your pick).

I really could go on and on about what a FANTASTIC cat Bette is. But all I will say is:-

Absolutely no peep came from her during all car trips from the shelter AND to and from the vet.

- *Very well behaved* at the vet...was very good about taking her worm pill, flea medication, AND ESPECIALLY her shots (did not flinch a bit during those, amazingly).

- Has so far adapted great to her new home...and really happy with it too. I have never heard a cat purr as much as Bette has over the last two hours.

- Incredibly docile...Bette has been the most loving thing, rubbing up against my legs constantly, and frequently being submissive (I.E. lying stretched out over the floor and letting me rub her belly, brush her, etc.)

The more I get to know Bette, the more I love her. She's everything a beginning cat owner (and really, a cat owner in general) could ask for. Not to mention how I feel Bette will bring the Canes luck, from her coat as silvery as Lord Stanley's Prize to these:

- I discovered Bette yesterday, April 27th, which happened to be the fourth anniversary of the very first Canes game I completely watched (Game Six vs. New Jersey in the 2002 SCP First Round).

- Today, April 28th, the three month/quarter-year anniversary of the Canes' Ron Francis Night, was the day I officially claimed Bette as my own.

I'll take and post pictures sometime this weekend...want Bette to get used to her new digs. Not that she's having any I type this, she's having a nice little catnap in my closet.


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