Saturday, June 24, 2006

The "Everybody's Doing It, So I'm Doing It Too" 2006 NHL Draft Post

If the title's any indication, don't expect an in-depth post about this year's NHL Draft in Vancouver. I have to admit that whether it happens in the afternoon or evening*, I find the Draft rather boring. It *really* helps to be there in person, like J.J., the prestigious owner of the Canucks Hockey Blog. BUT, even in person, the Draft tends to drag. I'll never forget how even though I had a great time at the 2004 Draft in Raleigh, ever since the second round, I could not wait for the Draft itself to be close to ending for the day so the card/collectible tables would open back up and yours truly could get back to work on *really* starting her Francis collection. And to be further honest, when I think back on the 2004 Draft, I like to remember not only the said collectibles I obtained that day (including a custom-made Ronnie Francis rookie figure!), but also the GREAT times I had with my friends that afternoon AND evening at the post-Draft main day party.

Anyhoo, I think the biggest and most noteworthy news Canes-wise...and nothing else comes close based on what I've seen and read that the rumors involving Jack Johnson going to Pittsburgh for a higher draft pick with which to go after Jordan Staal, one of Eric's three younger brothers, has been quelled by...(insert drumroll here) Steeltown snatching up Jordan themselves! (insert cymbals crashing here)

Personally, I don't mind Jordan becoming Penguin property...'course it helps that, as I have noted here a few times, the Pens happen to be my second favorite team. And it don't get cooler than possibly having a member of hockeydom's next greatest family on two of your fave teams.

BTW, I probably would have watched the Draft if it hadn't been for tonight being not only The Red Green Show hour night, BUT ALSO the debut of Jeeves and Wooster on the local PBS. And this Blackadder/Hugh Laurie nut has been dying to see that for sometime.

* - Ironically enough, the NHL Draft was moved from being an afternoon event to a nighttime one as of this year because of it "becoming more exciting and generating a bigger TV audience", or so the League claimed.

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Edit as of June 25th, 4:55 PM: Posted the following at Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed, and felt it needed to be posted here too...

I was there at the 2004 Draft in Raleigh…and though my Draft blog post may not speak all that highly about the Draft portion of the event, there *were* great moments I enjoyed. Namely, as David Lee mentioned, when Gretzky took to the podium. Everything about that, from the Great One himself to everyone going nuts for him, was golden. Not to mention when the Canes went higher up in First Round draft order AND when they acquired Andrew Ladd. One could not truly feel the energy from those times as well through a TV as they could in person.

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