Monday, January 29, 2007

American Idol Is Evil

OR, ESPN is make the call.

Per John Saunders on ESPeeN's Sports Reporters:

"I needed a psychic, hypnotist (and he mentioned about 3 other people) just to find the NHLs All-Star game this week which was on Versus. This isn't to mock the coverage that Versus gave it because they did a real good job on the 3rd period. I was only able to watch the 3rd period because I was watching American Idol with my daughters during the first 2 periods. YES, they put the NHL All-Star game opposite the most watched show on TV."

I don't know what flabbergasts me a guy who practically grew up around hockey could watch that crap (even if it was with his touching *rolls her eyes*), or how the NHL is pulling at the straws for a decent All-Star Game timeslot. Weeknights certainly do not work...why Bettman thought they would as of this season is way beyond my comprehension (as are a good-sized chunk of the man's ideas). And the NFL, bless their hearts, have basically stormed in and took over the "traditional slot" of the first weekend in February with a little thing called the Super Bowl. What was wrong with the last week in January? There certainly was not anything wrong with it for almost forty years...why the change? NFL, we know you are the most high and mighty sports league and all that crapola...there was no damn good reason for you to muscle in AND take over what was practically the designated weekend for the NHL's big event outside of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Nor is there a damn good reason for TWO FREAKIN' WEEKS of coverage of the Super Bowl, featuring everything from the speculation of who bought sponsorship/ad time, to the players' favorite flavor of Gatorade, to which team plans to watch Honey cartoons* after they win the Lombardi Trophy.

Not to mention that, as much as I like the NHL, even I know that they've never been a threat to the NFL. Hell, not even the MLB or NBA have ever been able to top the Pigskin League. Therefore making the NFL's taking over the NHL's traditional All-Star Game weekend all the more flaming stupid, and really, just plain old...well, evil.

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* - Major couch potato and/or cartoon geek points to those who get the reference.

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