Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Only Reason I *Might* Be Watching the All-Star Game... because I want to see AND hear the following being played after every goal scored.

"grr...oo oooh oo ohhhhhooo oohhh oo oooh oooohhhhhoo oooh oo ohhhhh..."

I know I'm much more than likely the only one AND at the risk of sounding like I have a dirty mind, the thought of a "song" like that being played whenever someone scores strikes me as an arena control room in-joke sort of thing. In addition to how funny it must sound (for at least the first two or three goals, anyway), the thought of the A/V nerds sounding strangely like Beavis and Butthead as that "song" rings throughout the arena makes me cannot help but snicker on and off myself.

Of course, I could be taking such a thing way out of context, and the "song" could turn out to be a "today's version" of "Papa Oom Mow Mow"...which would be more annoying than funny.

Speaking of annoying, I think the only other real noteworthy thing about the All-Star Game/Event (besides the fact that Williams, Staal, AND the East overall did quite well in the Skillz Competition) is that
Gary Bettman seems to constantly prove that he is very much the most easy to make fun of guy in the universe. And for those of you who actually care, here is my part of the mayhem...

And now for something completely different...a very cool tidbit posted at The Score Boards Canes MB this morn: When you live in Raleigh AND know the (former) coach of your absolute favorite NFL team*, life is pretty danged good OR (to take a cue from Rocky and Bullwrinkle's show) Reason #31 Why Raleigh Rocks. Roll over Cleveland, rock on Pittsburgh! Starbucks...wait-a-minute, they don't have a slogan, do they? Rats. But, at least they have damn good coffee...which probably means that the Starbucks in Twin Peakes is probably the most damn good coffee in all of the world.

Yes, I'm bored...and insane. But, in all honesty, that's really nothing new and has been for sometime. ;P

Current Music: "You Get What You Give" by The New Radicals

* - GO STEELERS!! That is, whenever they're not facing my homestate AND NFC favorite Panthers. As for right now, GO BEARS!! We must not let the Peyton Manning reign of terror begin...Tom Brady's was/is bad enough.

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