Friday, January 19, 2007

New All-Star Uniforms Revealed

Again, a day late on this...but as I say a bit, better late than never.

Yo, Sid, get in here!

As some of you more frequent visitors/readers of mine know, I've been quite the fervent complainer about Reebok's proposed new uniforms. So when I first saw the above pic yesterday, I was rather pleasantly surprised. Still am upon further glances...the only real drastic changes are the material of the jerseys (something more "high-tech/futuristic" than mesh), the hockey shorts (seemingly less bulky than the hockey pants being used AND have been used for sometime...don't see how the players will turn the new ones down), and socks. Unlike one or two, I don't have a problem with the socks if the players don't. As much as I like the traditional socks (heck, I own a pair of Canes (red with a black and white stripe) ones), let's face it, they would not look all that great with the new jersey, especially with the new material of which the jersey is comprised.

But, all of that said, I'm reserving my real judgement for when the Canes, Pens, and Leafs' new clothes are revealed.

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Edit as of 5:25 PM: Even though I'm starting to somewhat like the unis, the mean girl in me will find it hilarious if the following words, mentioned in The Toronto Sun, blow up in a certain infamous NHL commissioner's face:

"The NHL's new uniforms are about player comfort and not fan merchandising. It was about getting the players into a uniform that would be better, that would enable them to have a better range of motion (and) would keep them cooler."

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