Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January 16th, 2007 - Canes @ Panthers: Random Musings and Observations

- Yet another game where I don't know if I should be frustrated with the Canes' overall play, or just happy to get the win.

On the frustrated front, I know I'm not the only evidenced by a few posts
here AND Chuck Kaiton voicing his displeasure with the Canes at certain points of his broadcast.

- I think the Canes' saving grace tonight is that
the Panthers apparently don't read the local paper.

"It was a fluke. We should have won that game. But they showed there is a reason they won the Stanley Cup last season," said Panthers captain Olli Jokinen. "It's good we face them right away. We don't want to let that happen again."

"This is a huge game for us," Jokinen said of tonight's 7:30 game at BankAtlantic Center. "We need the points more than they do. Every game is big for us."

Well, you and your boys sure didn't play like you said any of that, Captain Peachfuzz*. :P

- What is it about games against the Puddytats and their being so danged boring, no matter how much scoring happens? No wonder they can barely draw a crowd down there near the Vice City.

While I'm usually not an advocate for teams moving, all of the talk of my beloved second favorite Pens possibly moving makes me want to say that if any team is ripe for shipping out, it's Florida. And I think
PackNCanes at The Score Boards said it best...

"Two random thoughts:

- Games against Florida are, on their own "merits", enough of an argument to cut back on divisional games.

- I know that we're not world-beaters when it comes to attendance, and I'm a little leery of being accused of living in a glass house, but if the Panthers moved to anywhere tomorrow, would anyone south of Toronto notice...and would anyone in their "market" care?"

And 'cause you can never have enough Chuck and the Letter K, something tells me that he may not necessarily disagree with PackNCanes and moi...

"If it seems quiet here, it's because seats don't make noise."

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* - "Captain Peachfuzz" is my (playful) nickname for Olli Jokinen, and has been ever since 2003-04, when he attempted to grow a goatee that just...well...didn't really work out that great.

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